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Cards Against Obesity

An Exercise Card Game So Fun it Hurts.

Get Carded

The Original Exercise Card Game.

Workout with Friends or Alone

Multi- or Single-Player. Healthy competition or solo workout.

A Go-Anywhere Workout

Take your deck anywhere; it’s portable.  At home, on the go, on a fit-cation…

No Equipment Necessary

Just bring your body and maybe your buddies.  OK, and a timer, too.

Play Your Cards Right

Have fun, burn crazy calories, and test your friendships with the worlds most sadistic exercise card game.


Made for All Abilities

Each card shows a Normal, Easy, and Hard version. Pick your level.

Party Ready

It’s small and portable, requiring no equipment (a timer helps). 

Challenging but Fun

Strength and cardio combine for a tough workout you’ll love.

How to Play

1. Complete Warm-Up Card
All players should complete the exercises on the warm-up card and remove the card.
2. Shuffle Deck and Pick Difficulty Level
With Warm-Up and Rules cards removed, shuffle the deck.  Each player now decides which difficulty level to attempt: “Normal”, “Easy”, or “Hard”.
3. Players Compete to Win Card
Any players draws a card and reads the rules to the group (or to themselves if playing solo).  Players then compete to win the card.
4. Play Through Entire Deck
There are 33 cards.  A full game will take around 1 hour.
5. Player w/ Most Cards at the End Wins!
Go you! See the included Rules card for ideas on breaking any ties.
*One Player Mode
You will remove the 3 Peer Pressure cards, treat the 2 Game Time cards as water breaks when drawn, and simply play the other cards to their fullest.
Sample Cards

Game Categories

Unique Cards

Calories Burned per Game

Friendships Ruined

 The World’s Best Exercise Card Game

Get Carded